Audiovisual Product Subtitling


Subtil offers a subtitling service for audiovisual products. Our team can transcribe, translate, create time codes, adapt the text to the subtitles, and create the menu options, embed the subtitles, etcetera.

We currently create subtitles for the Valencian television channel Canal 9, for universities, museums and private companies.


In order for the subtitles to be legible, comprehensible, and, at the same time, occupy the least possible space on screen, there are some general subtitling criteria based on scientific studies. While it is true that there may be variations depending on the product, the client or specific requirements, there are recommended and extensively used guidelines in the subtitling sector.

Would you like to know which criteria Subtil follows? Subtitling criteria.


Subtitles in English, Subtitles in French, Subtitles in Spanish, Subtitles in Catalan, Subtitles in German, Subtitles in Italian, Subtitles in Arabic, Subtitles in Russian, Subtitles in Dutch, Subtitles in Chinese, Subtitles in Japanese, among other languages.