With the aim of giving more information about the context of our services and with the hope of sharing useful tools in the field of linguistic services as well as the field of accessibility, here are various interesting links organised by subject

Associations and organisations related to the hearing impaired:
  • ACAPPS (Federation of Catalan Associations for Parents and Deaf People)
  • FESOCA (Federation of Deaf People in Catalonia)
  • APANSCE (Association of Parents of Deaf Children in Catalonia)
  • APTENT Be Accessible
  • Difusord
  • CESyA (Spanish Centre for Subtitling and Audio Description)
  • ONCE Foundation
  • Community Development Foundation
  • Discapnet
  • CERMI (Spanish Committee for Representatives of Disabled People)
  • COCEMFE Catalonia
  • ECOM Federation
  • FIAPAS (Spanish Confederation of Families of Deaf People)
  • COCARMI (Catalan Committee for Representatives of Disabled People)
  • ASPAS Majorca

Here is a collection of the most relevant legislation and documentation. For more details, we recommend visiting the following website Disability information service.



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