Live subtitling

Live subtitling, or simultaneous subtitling, is an oral communication support medium used for the hearing impaired to have access to any oral discourse, whether in lectures, conferences, television programmes, shows, or any social and cultural events. However, signing deaf people or people who have a limited knowledge of the oral language and need a written support, for instance, people from abroad, can also benefit from this service.

How does it work?

Assemblea Nacional d'ICV_3While the orator delivers the discourse, the subtitler writes the content and it appears immediately as subtitles on a screen installed in the room. This screen also offers an image of the orator so that the hearing impaired can read their lips. The image of the sing language interpreter can also be incorporated if desired.

Subtil has a specially designed software for live subtitling which allows us to increase the typing speed and follow the rhythm of the orator more effectively.

Apart from live subtitling in conferences or events at which the orator’s discourse is not pre-established, we also offer live subtitling at plays or other events which permit the input of the text to the computer program. Our team treats the script beforehand and adapts it to the subtitled format in order to match them to the live delivery. This affords a greater precision in the subtitling.

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