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Subtil does the transcription, adaptation where necessary, and inputting of subtitles on audiovisual products. We input the necessary typographical elements to convey non-verbal information to the deaf: ambient noise, music, moods, and so on. We work for television channels, which ask us for the subtitle files for them to manage the insertion of subtitles into programmes, as well as for companies that need the complete process: creation of subtitles, inputting of subtitles to audiovisual products and mastering the final product.

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In order for the subtitles to be legible, comprehensible, suitable for deaf people and, at the same time, occupy the least possible space on screen, there are some general subtitling criteria based on scientific studies. While it is true that there may be variations depending on the product, the client or specific requirements, there are recommended and extensively used guidelines in the subtitling sector

When we subtitle for television channels, we follow regulation UNE 153010:2012, on Subtitles for deaf people and the hearing impaired, published by the Spanish Association for Regulation and Certification (AENOR).

Would you like to know which criteria Subtil follows? Subtitling criteria.


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