Translation and Sworn Translation


We offer translation services for all types of documents and in any language combination.

To guarantee quality, the translations are always done by qualified translators whose mother tongue is the target language. The document then undergoes a revision process.

A good translation is one which does not appear to be one; one which seems to be an original text. At Subtil, we strive for each translation to be faithful to the original while being correct, elegant and natural.

Working fields:

  • General and educational translation
  • Scientific and technical translation
  • Economic and financial translation
  • Website translation
  • Translation of manuals and catalogues
  • Literary translation
  • Legal and sworn translation


English translation, French translation, German translation, Spanish translation, Catalan translation, Portuguese translation, Dutch translation, Arabic translation, Greek translation, Russian translation, Italian translation, among other languages.

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is the official translation of a document. Sometimes when a document written in a foreign language must be presented to an official organisation, whether it be the government, a university, a court or a notary, a sworn translation must be presented which certifies that the translation is accurate and faithful to the original.

traducció jurada

These types of translations are done by sworn translators; translators registered with Spain’s Foreign Affairs Ministry or with the Government of Catalonia. A sworn translation must have the translator’s stamp, their signature and a certification on each page to prove the translation is faithful to the original text.

Realitzem traduccions jurades de: certificats, expedients acadèmics, títols acadèmics, patents, escriptures, estatuts, sentències i tot tipus de documents que necessitin ser traduïts per un traductor jurat.


Sworn translation in English, Sworn translation in French, Sworn translation in German, Sworn translation in Spanish, Sworn translation in Catalan, Sworn translation in Italian, among other languages.


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