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 forum cultures SUBTIL’S HISTORY

Subtil arose from the pioneering experience of live subtitling at the 2004 Universal Forum of Culture in Barcelona, where nearly 2,000 acts were subtitled, aimed at all types of audiences in events such as conferences, debates, presentations, plays, institutional events, etcetera.

Once the Forum of Culture concluded, the Subtil team identified the need to promote the advances which had been made in the field of accessibility for the hearing impaired. Since then, the Subtil team has promoted social awareness on the subject and strives to ensure that an increasing number of cultural events facilitate oral communication support services, whether by live subtitling or sign language interpretation.

We began working collaboratively with organisations for deaf people and the team at Barcelona Council’s Municipal Institute for Disabled People. At present, an ever-increasing number of public organisations, entities and companies rely on our services to make the cultural events they organise accessible. After years of experience, the following are some of the organisations who trust in our work: the Catalan Parliament, Barcelona Deputation, Barcelona Council, Sant Cugat Council, the Catalan Association for Parents and Deaf People (ACAPPS), the Spanish Confederation of Families of Deaf People (FIAPAS), and the National Organisation for Blind People (ONCE), among other.

We hope to continue working for many more years, breaking the barriers to oral communication thanks to the accessibility services we offer.


There are currently many clients who rely on Subtil’s services.

Would you like to know what they think about our work? Let us know and we will give you a contact name.

Public administration
– Government of Catalonia (Generalitat)
– Catalan Parliament
– Barcelona Deputation
– Barcelona Council
– Sant Cugat Council

Entities and associations
– ACAPPS – Associació Catalana de Pares i Persones Sordes
– ASPAS Mallorca
– VHIO – Institut d’Oncologia de la Vall d’Hebron
– Obra Social CatalunyaCaixa
– Fundació Desenvolupament Comunitari
– Institut Català de Paleontologia
– Intervida

– CatalunyaCaixa
– Smartbox
– Canal 9
– Cinematext
– Reial Club Nàutic de Barcelona
– Aedgency
– Maxchief
– Úbica
– SandenVendo Iberia SA
– Centset
– Koobin
– Film Festival: Most Festival
– Oftaltech
– TigreLab
– Touché
– Gestoria Vericat

Translation Agencies
and other linguistic service companies
– Manners
– Teclat
– Ibidem Group
– Estudi Balmes
– Traduït
– InOut
– Esmedo
– Unilexis
– Nova

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